Amazon Instant Affiliate Marketing Trick

Do you currently make money as an Amazon Affiliate?

Or… maybe you’re considering doing so?

If so, this post may be of some interest to you…

So the first question you have to ask yourself is… why would I bother being an Amazon affiliate? I mean let’s face it those Amazon commissions are not that high are they?
Average commission work out around 4% topping out at 10%

4%… damn that sucks right?
Why settle for a measely 4% when you could head over to say JVZoo and get 50%+ commission or maybe ClickBank where the norm is 75%…

Why? – Here’s why:
Number 1. Amazon is a trusted marketplace which sells pretty much everything. Now take that 4% commission… sure it sounds poor and on a $7 ebook it is… but it’s far more appealing when the product in question is say a 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV priced at $2,998.00

Vidmazon review$119.92 Commission on 1 Product

In this case even the starting commission of 4% makes you $119.92… and all you had to do was send that buyer over to Amazon through your affiliate / referral link.

Cookied Links

Just like any good affiliate program you’re links are cookied. What does a cookied link actually mean though?

OK lets say you have a blog all about LED TVs (Example)… customer lands on your blog (I’ll explain how to get them there in a moment)… they see the Sony 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV priced at $2,998.00 as depicted above. They already know they are interested in that particular TV (that’s how they landed on your blog in the first place).
They read your description and they click to view on Amazon… they are happy to click the link because they both know and trust Amazon (we all do).
Now the link they clicked is your affiliate link so as soon as they click the link a cookie drops in their browser. This ties any purchase they make on any Amazon page, or any product they buy from Amazon to you.

For example:

  1. Example 1. Customer 1, clicks through from your link to view the Sony 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV – decides not to buy, but remembers he needs a new Coffee Maker and buys one – Result: You get the commission for the sale of the coffee maker (even though that person clicked through to look at a TV)
  2. Example 2. Customer 2, clicks through from your link to view the Sony 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV… Gets side tracked, and goes off to work – buys it 14 hours later – Result: You get the commission.
  3. Example 3. Customer 3, clicks through from your link to view the Sony 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV… adds TV to cart, and then adds an Articulating TV Mount for the TV (Price: $149.99)… then the perhaps he adds a Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar (Price: $697.00)… Result: You get commission on all products which in this example would work out at $3,844.99 ($153.80)

So now you can plainly see why Amazon Associates (Amazon affiliate program) has grown into the biggest, and most profitable affiliate program on the internet… sounds far more appealing now right?

Profit from Amazon This Week

Now… how would you like to start earning Amazon commissions in any niche you like this week?
Sure you would right?… here’s what you need.

#1. A website… I recommend you go for WordPress… The trick here is to focus on sub niches – let me explain.

In the example I.E. the Sony 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV, the main niche would be Electronics
Sub niche: Televisions
Drill down a little deeper and let’s say 4K Ultra HD
So perhaps your website was based on ‘4K Ultra HD’ sub niche

Do you see? The more focused and specialised you go the easier it will be to attract a potential customer interested in those specific products… easier because competition is lower when you are highly focused.

But what about the longevity?

Yes, drilling down like this into sub-niches and trends can be short lived… I.e 4K Ultra HD is replaced by something even better. By the time some people read this post 4K Ultra HD may well seem like something out of the dark ages… but the point is – it doesn’t matter… these are windows of opportunity.

Is it popular now… is it trending? Yes – then sell it and profit


Quick ‘Throw-Away’ Route

Maybe you have had a go at setting up an Amazon store before…. Yeah, yeah… you have to buy a new domain, set up hosting and then spend hours setting everything up… and even longer adding products, details, images and links… yes’ it is no wonder most people give up after 2 or 3 hours.

So do this… 5 Steps

  1. Get 1 short ‘Generic’ domain… for example I use this one:
  2. Get some half decent hosting (you probably have hosting already)
  3. Each time you enter a sub-niche use a sub domain… so for example:
    Remember this is throw-away forget getting a TLD for each project… you want to be up – running and in profit by the end of the week right?
  4. Plus: Sub-domains rank in their own right… anyone who says different is ill informed and doesn’t know what they are talking about… I use sub’s all the time and they rank.
  5. Build your site around your sub-niche with a few clicks… I have a plugin / themes for this bit – you can have a copy without cost (see details at the end of this post)

This quick video explains how it works

So you can see that by using sub-domains and the plugin and theme I’ll send you can build sub-niche targeted websites selling Amazon product in minutes (well let’s say 60 minutes)


Next… get them ranked for organic traffic…
This part is really very easy because your new site is highly targeted… but, there is a little trick to this which I will also send you… doing this will rank your sub-domain site so it shows up on Google and Bing in days (might take a week or so)

Then Send Free Traffic

OK so in order for the whole thing to work best you will need to apply the little trick hinted at above for this to work best…


FREE Traffic from YouTube

Targeted videos based around the Amazon products listed on your site will drive traffic almost instantly because they will rank almost instantly
E.g. use the images from the Amazon listing and make a video… render, upload to YouTube, use the correct tags and description and BOOM you have an instant traffic magnet pointing at your site… now simply rinse and repeat for additional products on your site.

Problem… although this works, it will take you a bloody long time (sorry, just being honest)

OK so this is where I will recommend a product (because it saves lots of time)… all that video stuff can be done on autopilot in seconds while you do something else when you use this Vidmazon

Vidmazon is a cloud based video app which produces Amazon Video Traffic Magnets with 1 click – See it here.


So what’s the deal here?
If any of what I have said in this post has inspired you and you would like the Amazon Instant Store Builder Theme and Plugin as well as the little ranking trick I mentioned above (without cost), here is what you need to do…

  • 1. Let me know you would like a copy in the comments below
  • 2. Then click the following link for access details and follow instructions

Access Instructions – Click The Button Below 


Thanks for reading, hope you liked this post… let me know if you did

Amazon Instant Affiliate Marketing Trick, Vidmazon Review

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