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How to launch a digital product online

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As I’m sure you know; launching a popular IM product can be very profitable, but it can be much more than that. A great product and launch can mean an ongoing, profitable business… the kind of business that you probably dream of, and the IM lifestyle that goes with it.

But… be under no illusion… achieving the IM lifestyle takes work, and lots of it. Before you read the rest of this post let me tell you a little about this business and why it is not suitable for many.

So, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase:

Make money while you sleep

Reality: Yes… that is true, you can… I make a lot of money while I sleep… but the reality is; to make that money in the first place I probably worked 14 hours a day for a couple of weeks… could you do that?

And this little cliché:

I want to make money online so I can work when I want and spend time with my family

Reality: Sounds idyllic but in truth you will work more than you currently do if you have a job… you’ll probably spend less time with your family too… IM and making money (lots of it) is addictive, you’ll find yourself working harder and more often to make more and more, you don’t have to, but you probably will.

And this one:

Making Money Online is Easy

Reality: Nope, sorry it isn’t… you can get lucky once or twice and make some money. But in order to be constantly successful in this business you have to change your mind-set from ‘Get Rich Quick’ to ‘This is a Real Business’ and I’m going to work hard to make sure I’m successful.


IM (Internet Marketing) Cliché’s are everywhere… because we as online marketers (me included) sell the dream to our customers. Yes we do, we sell the dream… but the dream is real, it exists. Anyone can do what I do online, but only if they are committed, dedicated and work bloody hard.

Are you committed, dedicated and ready to work night and day? I mean really!

Yes… then this letter may be the turning point you’ve been looking for.

Now I’m assuming that as you are reading this post and considering your future as a successful Internet Marketer and Vendor you know who I am?

My name is Mark Bishop and my business partners name is Venkata Ramana

Over the last couple of years we have launched some of the biggest grossing, best-selling products in the IM market, while simultaneously dominating other people’s product launches as affiliates… But rather than talk about myself and our business, take a look for yourself.

This Is About You…

In 2018 we are looking to work with a small number of individuals who fit our criteria and are ready to break into the IM business in a big way…

Will 2018 Be Your Year?

Do you fit the criteria… See below:

  • Do you have a product that flat out works which you would like to bring to market? I.e. launch into the IM space?
  • Do you have a training product based on your own methods (backed up with proof?)
  • Have you tried launching a product that fits the above criteria without success?
  • Are you successful / profitable at anything online… which you think others could do / benefit from?

I’ll let you fill in the blanks. In 2018 we (Me and Venkata) are planning to help a small number of online entrepreneurs / marketers launch genuine products into the IM space. Training / Info products, software, etc, etc… but whatever you have needs to be good.

In fact it needs to be better than good… your concept / method / software has to get results, you’ll need to prove it works and you’ll need to sell the concept to us before we even consider working with you.

This is a genuine opportunity which is open to everyone… And nope this is not one of those coaching / training programs in disguise… we’re not selling anything. But we will benefit… at the same time as you do… (From launch proceeds)


Then follow these steps…

#1. Please state you’re interest in the comments below with a brief outline or your method, software, product etc. (don’t give specifics)… for example: I have a unique CPA method that makes me money daily or I launched product XYZ but didn’t have any support so it failed etc.

You get the idea.

#2. I’ll be checking daily (most days)… If I like what you write I’ll invite you to send me full details. That’s it.

This is not a product pitch or anything like that… this is a genuine offer.

But you need something great… and if we do accept you, be prepared to work hard and do what we tell you to do.

Please note: If all you have is an idea based on something you think might work but never actually tried, this is not for you. Nothing wrong with being a dreamer (I was) but if you don’t act on those dreams… they remain nothing more than dreams.

This offer will remain open for the foreseeable future, however we will only work with one person at a time (this will likely equate to 1 person / project every 4 / 6 weeks)

How to launch a digital product

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