Instant Niche Traffic $0.02 Per Click


$123,936 from 1 Niche in 6 Months

You’ve probably seen that headline from me on several occasions… and that’s because that one niche was the turning point for me.

Making that much m.oney in just 6 months enabled me to dump my day job (I was a Plumber) and concentrate fully online (which was my passion)

Ok great… so what’s the point of this message?

The point is… Niche Marketing Works
It worked then and it works now… in fact it will always work… Even if you’re a complete Newbie (I was)

Image… Clickbank Earnings from Niche Marketing
It’s also evergreen 
Easy to do… 
You don’t need any experience (I was a Non Techy Plumber)
And you don’t need m.oney (well maybe $10 – $20 to get started)
Only Thing That Worked
For me… It was the only thing that worked (and I tried a lot)… And so I guess I’ll always have a soft spot for this business model, and I will always look closely at the latest Niche Marketing related products.

And this one is Awesome – It’s called: Tidal Wave Traffic


See it here with full bonus pack

Now of course from the name ‘Tidal Wave Traffic’ it is hard to see this as Niche related… but it is. Essentially the whole thing works because it is targeting niches. Niche Marketing never changes… it never goes away… and it remains passive. 


This method starts with simple 10 minute niche targeted FB pages (Curated content) which enable $0.02 – $0.10 per click customers.

And with traffic that cheap it’s easy to see how profitable this is proving to be in all kinds of niches

This is bang up to date and making these guys money ‘For Nothing’ (almost) passively – Details / E.arnings Here.

I still love niche marketing… but good ‘current’ training / formulas are hard to find which makes it hard for anyone to get started… so most people never do get started (which is a shame)


Tidal Wave Traffic is about way more than just cheap traffic… check this page out now and look at / consider the niches you could apply this too. This is also instant (well 10 minutes) so no waiting for results)



Plus… Yes I am late with this due to Christmas Preparations… but please check out these additional products (Bonuses)



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