Stupidly Simple Affiliate Software

Are you looking for a sure-fire way to generate profits online?
Yes… then we must agree on one thing, the most important thing in internet marketing is finding a system that will always work and we all know the best and most powerful system is by far affiliate marketing.
In fact there are more internet millionaires from selling affiliate products than all other niches combined.

Stupid simple affiliate stores


Now, you can see right here how this new store builder can help absolutely anyone make money online as an affiliate without the learning curve and with very little cost.
Watch the video here…

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1 Click Affiliate Stores - ShopMozo

Why is this better than doing it all yourself?

Building an affiliate store from scratch is hard, it can cost you an arm and a leg to get set up properly. You might need to pay a designer for a professional theme, manually add your products and waste hours writing your reviews or recording your videos.

And at the end of the day you must still figure out a way to actually drive traffic and make sales from all that work or everything you worked on was for nothing.

The entire process is so complex, time-consuming and downright expensive… making daily commissions from affiliate marketing quickly becomes an experience that’s reserved for the top 1% of marketers.
Today however I’m going to introduce a very simple system that frees you up totally and enables you to make hundreds or thousands of dollars in profits selling other people’s items in whatever niche you like… and the whole thing takes just minutes.


1 Click Affiliate Stores – ShopMozo

How would you like to build an entire store, fully loaded with products all containing your affiliate link? An Instant one-click SEO optimized affiliate stores that gets you autopilot viral Facebook traffic products, content, videos, and makes!!
ShopMozo is a cloud-based software that requires no hosting, no domain name registration, and no complicated WordPress installation.
With one click you are empowered to build a genuine SEO optimized affiliate store populated with products, video, reviews and traffic on 100% automation.

Sounds too easy?
To make this work all you need to do is follow three super simple steps…

  • Step 1. Just log into your account and fill in your store name
  • Step 2. Put your Amazon affiliate details in

Next…your store is ready to use. Now customize by simply choosing a theme upload your logo and slider images to make it elegant

  • Step 3. Now to add products to your store. All you need to do is insert keywords for your niche and ShopMozo will get tons of products and create a stunning affiliate store for you full of high-demand affiliate products.. Awesome right?

It takes less than 60 seconds and your beautifully designed affiliate store is ready to start selling.
Essentially this is a complete package that does everything for you, plus you get extra features such as five premium templates to fully customize your affiliate store as well as a stunning design that improves conversions.

And the result… ShopMozo delivers a clean modern site that’s ready in 60 seconds flat so you can start making money from day one with zero effort.

One seamless solution that does it all for you giving you the potential to start generating affiliate income online in minutes from Amazon. Using the whole software means you can start getting thousands of daily hits with viral traffic from Facebook… You’re curating video reviews that get you better conversions number 1 rankings and free SEO traffic.

And all you have to do is push a button…
Have you tried store builders before? Yep there are others out there… but this one is a little different in as much as it’s self-contained… you can build and drive the traffic you need right from the dash… No need to go anywhere else. ShopMozo also has a clean – Modern look which for me is important… and of course it is simple to use.

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1 Click Affiliate Stores - ShopMozo

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