Secret Niche Marketing Method Makes Anthony $2k Plus P/M

Ever heard of Niche Marketing for local business?

No me neither, until today

Perhaps you’ve seen a product being talked about called Money Monstr? Well in this post I’m going to tell you all about it after reviewing it myself.

Money Monstr review

Please note: Full details can be accessed from 10am (US Eastern) November 28th


Local Business Niche Marketing

Now the real reason I am talking about this is because it is a very different spin on niche marketing… i.e. rather than you looking for a niche on say Clickbank and then setting up a niche site and profiting through affiliate sales. What you do here is drill down into home service sub-niches based on location.

So for example I used to be a plumber in Bristol in the UK… but I specialized in complete bathroom re-modelling (sub niche)

So in this example I would search for a few keywords relating to the sub niche bathroom re-modelling in Bristol and rank for those phrases which is incredibly easy to do.

Then using a call tracking and management company I buy the use of a phone number which I can set up to redirect and track to another number (this is where you make money).
Each time a call goes through our tracking we get paid for the lead by the company we divert the call to.

  • Now as I write this I realise this may sound complicated… but it isn’t.
  • It also sounds like you may have to contact a number of companies and speak to them in person… you don’t.


Please note: Full details can be accessed from 10am (US Eastern) November 28th

The reality is the whole thing is set up to be fully automated.

Essentially the business model is lead generation for offline business and its passive.

Money Monstr review

$7000 a month passively

It’s also very profitable… Anthony Mancuso the guy who put this training together makes $2000 – $7000 a month passively doing this very thing (the figure varies per month depending on the amount of calls sent to companies)

  • If you did this… you would need to build a small local sub niche site – it will have categories based on localities so you can sell leads to multiple contractors in multiple cities.
    I.e. I could sell leads to bathroom modellers in Bristol, London, Cardiff and more, I’m sure you get the idea.
  • You use a call tracking company so you don’t have to do anything there
  • You use an online office agency who talk to contractors if they do phone – so you don’t have to.
  • And you get paid every month.

Money Monstr review

I took a very good look at this and ranking for local services / contractor type phrases for city localities is very easy. It amounts to little more than having the keywords on the page and having the site indexed by submitting a site map.

Which makes this business model the easiest niche marketing system on the planet. The first time you do this the steps required may take you a few hours because it is unfamiliar, but after that you could knock out these little sites fully set up in minutes and rank them in days.

And if you choose one of the niches Anthony recommends you can make $1000s per month passively.


Please note: Full details can be accessed from 10am (US Eastern) November 28th

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