Why am I Still Here?

The Good Stuff

When you hear from marketers, you here the good stuff, the success and the mountains of cash we make… but there is of course another side to the coin. Success is great, as is the money that comes with it… I’ll be honest I’ve craved it all my life and eventually achieved it, and yet right now I know I’ve made a big mistake and you can learn from it.

When I started trying to make it online I did it part time like many of you reading this probably do… and again like many of you I didn’t have a lot of money to invest in my online venture and so I learnt to do things myself. I did 99% of everything myself and I got to be very good at certain things… and here lies the problem. Being very good at certain aspects of my business meant it was hard to let go… nobody could do what was in my head to the standard I wanted and so I continued to do most of it myself. As a result my business turned into a job which basically chained me to the computer day in day out.

Why am I Still Here?

The result is; even though I currently make more money than I ever really believed I’d be able to achieve, and have done for many years, it could be more… a lot more.

Being an entrepreneur is not just about being good at something and selling the hell out of it. Nope, it’s about learning to delegate so you can concentrate on the bigger picture and grow. This is the bit I missed, I didn’t think it was worth the trouble when I started. I didn’t change my mind on that until about 6 months ago… now I am kicking myself for not taking the time out to hire experts to run parts of my business while I concentrated on growing it bigger and bigger.
That’s why I’m still here… still at the level I was at mid-2016.

Learn from my Mistake

2018 will be the year I change all that… and my message to you is: don’t make the same mistakes I made as your business begins to grow. Invest in yourself and your business… you’ll be happier, healthier and wealthier if you do!

That’s it…. Thanks for reading. Please comment below (if you want to)

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