Instant Unique Content in 60 Seconds

BLOOOM Instant Unique Content Demo

BLOOOM is a combination of two elements… The content generation tool and the monetization method. Each element can be used as standalone products or together to allow you to grow your authority and profits daily. This is particularly useful for newbies and anyone looking for a low tech, evergreen and passive income method.

In this video I show how to extract unique content from inside YouTube videos in seconds and produce a killer & very unique post from it.

As the video demo shows the content is 100% unique because it is extracted from inside the video itself… I.e it takes what the person or people say and transcribes it into a full and unique blog post.

This is the post I produced in the video:


If you don’t yet have BLOOOM you can get it with a nice big Discount by clicking the following link and applying the discount code you see directly beneath the link on the checkout page


Use the following code on the checkout page to get 30% off

Code: mark-30off




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