Turn $1 Into $4.5 with automated smart funnels

Building a business online is never quite as easy as it may fist seem. In reality the more you do the more complicated & expensive it gets.

Growing Your Online Business…

You need all sorts of tools like autoresponders, page builders, email copywriting software, segmentation software, analytic software, traffic optimizing software and more. Basically it can get expensive and VERY confusing really fast.

Smart Marketing Funnels

Connecting all the dots… I.e. different software, pages and platforms is a real pain which has led to the recent popularity of Smart Marketing Funnels / platforms such as Clickfunnels, lead pages to name just two… but they don’t stop there. Platforms like Clickfunnels and  leadpages have lead the way for a number of years… they are first generation Smart Marketing Platforms, they control a large market share and they are popular, which is why they are expensive.

Meet Smarketly.


Smart Marketing Platforms are here to stay… Because they put every marketing tool and MORE under ONE dashboard, saving users time and potentially hundreds per month. Smarketly, is one of the new breed, a second generation Smart Marketing Platform… it does it all only cheaper… Look

  1. Build converting funnels and NOT just standalone landing pages, forms and overlays
  2. Automate marketing tasks to focus on the core of your business
  3. Manage all of your marketing campaigns without switching between web apps
  4. Create marketing materials without hiring a team of coders or professional designers
  5. Manage your email marketing campaigns with loads of behavioural trigger options
  6. Use behavioural triggers from one web app to create actions in another
  7. Get the Activity Feed of your customers from all your integrations, services and platform
  8. Easily manage & re-route leads to multiple locations, boosting the value of each lead
  9. Smart target your audience on Facebook based on behavioural triggers

Smarketly review

The Funnel Builder

Manage your marketing campaigns with proven funnel templates or create new ones by combining landing pages, forms, overlays, emails and other elements in any order… when you have this you no longer need page builders, WordPress or any of the clunky stuff.

Smarketly review


You can choose from dozens of popular 3rd-party web apps and integrate them with your account with a single click of a button.

Lead Generation

Capture more leads with your own or professionally-designed opt-in forms and overlays, and make use of multiple triggering and targeting options based on user behaviour.

Email Automation

Run effective sequence and broadcast drip email marketing campaigns, and send trigger-based emails to deliver the right message to the right audience.

Facebook Automation

Set up smart custom audiences based on user behaviour, target them on Facebook with the right messaging, and reach new audiences with Lookalike Audiences.

And more… and more

The truth is this second generation platform is about to take over as the go-to smart marketing platform of choice. It does everything you need in one place which is great if you are into all the bells and whistles… but let me be honest I’m not. I’m too old to learn too many new tricks especially when it comes to tech, but even if like me all you need is a solid platform to build your websites and run your email campaigns from smart marketing platforms like this will be the go to solution.

No Learning Curve

And… This one is dead easy and simple to use. No learning curve… perfect if you are anything like me. Oh… and I should also point out that Smarketly has been years in the making (not months)… this isn’t one of those launch and forget type things it’s a very real and viable alternative to platforms like ClickFunnels – Click Here to See Full Smarketly Features

W A T C H  D E M O  U S E  T H I S  L I N K

Smarketly review

Smarketly review


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