They Pay You $232 Per Day to Build Your List?

Got your attention didn’t it… ‘They Pay You $232 Per Day to Build Your List?’

The thing with internet marketing and the whole make money online thing is the fact that there are so many opportunities open to people at all levels and this one here is a little different.

Different because you don’t have to sell anything to get paid… even stranger right.

So… cards on the table ‘what are we talking about here?’
Well… basically this little method revolves around a very unusual CPA trick… which If I’m being honest is perhaps best suited for people just starting out… Why?

The method goes something like this

  • #1. You sign up at a specific CPA network (free to join)
  • #2. You get the details for one specific offer (its just 1 offer so no chance of getting confused)

Now here’s the unusual bit… you as the promoter will need to sign up for two trial accounts (free)… one of those accounts is Getresponse (Autoresponder) and you have to do this regardless of whether you already have an account there (this is why I mentioned that this method was best suited to Newbies)

Why Getresponse?

Because as leads opt-in to the CPA offer you also receive that lead – Hence getting paid to build your own list…. I know, sounds mad right?

How much do you get paid?

You get $4 per lead… and that’s the important part. Neil ‘the guy who discovered this little trick’ has a very simple paid traffic method he has discovered and uses everyday (it’s simple stuff). Basically with his traffic platform you’ll pay a lot less than 1 dollar per lead and you’ll receive $4 per lead.

Do The Math – Look
Which means you get paid $3+ for everyone who joins your list (and theirs obviously)… and there is no cap on how much you can scale this.

For example….

  • Lets say you spend $30 per day buying the leads.
  • That gets you around 30 leads added to your list
  • In terms of gross revenue you’ll receive around $120
  • You spent $30… so your net profit will be around $90

Now if you re-invested that and spent say $100 on leads then things get even more interesting

  • $100 on leads gets you around 100 leads added to your list
  • Gross revenue you’ll receive around $400
  • You spent $100… so your net profit will be around $300

Can you see how this grows?

Does it work?
Yes it does… but like I said in order to do this you will need to set up a new Getresponse autoresponder account through a specific account which is sure annoy those who already have an account.
What I would suggest is, get the free account and give it a go… if you love it and it works as well for you as it did for the guys below… keep going and keep scaling up.


Limitless review

Limitless review

The method is detailed from start to finish in a video training program called Limitless.
Sure I could have simply done a Limitless review but I guessed doing it this way would give you more of an insight.

The Bad Points
You’re going to need to open 2 accounts, one being Getresponse. Both accounts are free (trial bassis) so it won’t cost anything. But if you already have a Getresponse account this one fact may put you off

The Good Points
Basically anyone can do this and be up and running in 1 hour. Each lead is also added to your list so you are building your list and getting paid at the same time. You’ll pay around $1 for a lead and the CPA network will pay you $4 for the same lead (so you’ll make around $3 per lead profit). Its suitable for newbies (in fact it’s probably best for newbies) and it’s scalable as mentioned above.

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