The Truth about 7 Figure Franchise… From a 7 Figure Franchisee

You’ve seen it right: 7 Figure Franchise by Michael Cheney?
Of course you have… that’s why your reading this post right?

So let me begin by stating that this post is based on my own experience after investing my own money. I’m stating this because after searching online it is clear that there are a lot of so called reviews from people who have not invested in 7FF so what they are reporting is either incorrect or regurgitated.

The Truth about 7 Figure Franchise… From a 7 Figure Franchisee

I’ll also state from the outset that this post isn’t one of those… This is ‘The Dog’s Bol!*cks’ you have to buy it type posts either.

So, what is 7 Figure franchise?

Essentially 7 Figure Franchise is a self-perpetuating business model (at least from the vendors perspective). I.e in order to become part of seven figure franchise you first have to pay and then you need to send in some traffic. So the vendor Michael Cheney gets your payment (50% of it) and traffic from each person that joins. Now I know what you might be thinking ‘Yeah, that’s just great for him, not so great for me though’.

So… Yes you’re right – 7 Figure Franchise is bloody amazing for Michael Cheney but do you begrudge someone who has or tweaks a great idea into a thriving business a profit? Some will of course… but seriously if you want to make money online… innovative people and their ideas should be applauded.

My only regret is that I didn’t think of it first.

Now let me explain why 7 Figure Franchise is good for you (me) and anyone else who wants to make money online… and why I chose to join myself.

So #1 you want to make money online…

  • You’ve tried this and that and nothing has worked right?
  • You’ve probably spent a great deal of money trying to crack the so called Internet marketing code and yet still nothing to show for the money and time spent.

F.F.S… You know what that means right… you’ve probably said it to yourself time and time again when yet another great marketing idea fails to make you a dime… we’ve all been there (including me).

The difference with 7 Figure Franchise is this

#1. you add a little traffic at the beginning (stuck with this? Maybe I can help – see below)… Now I said a little because a little is really all you need.
#2. Michael’s 7FF takes over as soon as your traffic goes into the system.


It works like this – after you join you will be manually set to 100%* commission for every product bar one, inside the 7 Figure Franchise ‘Machine’ (There are around 120 products in there I think)
*Apart from the big one which you receive 50% of ($998 per sale)

Yes… You Get $998 Per Sale

7 Figure Franchise

Cookied Links = Profit

Now let’s say you send 100 visitors into the funnel, those 100 visitors are cookied to you. That means that everyone who clicked through from your link is credited to you and that’s important because?
Because people seldom purchase the first time they see or read about an offer… on average a potential customer will need to see that offer or be reminded of such 7 times before making a firm decision.

Your Links Mailed Daily for 8 Weeks

So you get cookied initially and then 7 Figure Franchise takes over, you don’t have to do anything else. Michael has a complete mailing sequence set up which lasts for 8 full weeks with multiple daily emails sent to everyone you sent in to the funnel (7 Figure Franchise).

And the result… you will receive lots of payments for the lower cost products in the funnel and periodically $998 payments.

No Work – Passive Profit

The beauty is (as I hope I have explained) is the fact that you do not have to send in a lot of traffic and you don’t have to do anything else. So as you can see… it’s a simple as simple gets.

If you already have a subscriber list (however small) it is perfect… If you don’t – see end of post I may be able to help you.

Why did I join?
If you know me you may be wondering why I decided to join 7 Figure Franchise when I already make a substantial income online? Well the truth is – How Much is Enough?
Sure I make a vast amount of money online from products I co develop and launch, from affiliate promotions and from niche marketing etc… but nearly everything I do requires me to set something up or work at it (at least initially). With 7 Figure Franchise I paid to join like everyone else… I sent in a little traffic and I make money daily without lifting another finger.

And I’m not alone, take a good look… you’ll find that nearly every well-known marketer online has joined and is doing the very same for the very same reason I did… it’s Easy!

I said daily*… when I should have said almost daily. Since joining I have received commission payments nearly every day, some days none and some day’s lots… as I write this I am just entering my 3rd week as a 7 Figure Franchise member, I have recouped my investment and everything I make now and in the future is 100% pure profit.


You ‘Gurus’ Always Make it Sound Easy…

Hmm… Well That’s Great For You and all the other 7 figure marketers who seem to be making daily profits from 7 Figure Franchise… but even If I join; I don’t have a bloody list.

I agree… it is easier for me (and people like me) because I do have lists of subscribers I can send into the 7FF funnel. But that shouldn’t stop you


No List – I Can Help

#1. As well as the products to sell at 100% commission 7FF also comes with lots of traffic tricks (free methods and paid ones which you (anyone) can start using from day 1.
#2. I am planning to help 3 people get a head start by promoting your link (instead of mine). Huh? What does that mean?
If you join 7 Figure Franchise through me (yes I’ll get a hefty commission when you do) I’ll jump start the whole process for you so you recoup your investment quickly and then begin to profit over and over (without doing anything else).

24K 6 Month Guarantee

You may or may not know that 7 Figure Franchise comes with a Make $24,000 in 6 Months Guarantee… that’s the guarantee you get from Michael

7 Figure Franchise

I Can Help 3 People Now…

The Guarantee you get from me (if you take me up on my offer) is… I guarantee to send 100 clicks into the funnel with your link (which you can of course check in your stats to verify).

Please note: for me to do this you will need to purchase through my link. I can only work with 3 people at a time… so ask me in the comments below just to make sure I can accommodate you this time around

So is 7 Figure Franchise really for you?

Well that really depends on you… I won’t lie to you; it’s not cheap

There are two options
#1. Full Pay Option (Pay $1997 now, nothing else to pay)
#2. 2-Part Payment Plan (Pay $1100 now and another $1100 in 30 days)

7 Figure Franchise Cost

Like I said… it isn’t cheap, but then cheap often amounts to pointless. 7 Figure Franchise essentially takes the work part of making money out of your hands and does it for you… Genuinely.

If you have any size list… use it. If not, consider my offer.

Who should NOT join 7 Figure Franchise?

You probably already know if this is suitable for you or not… but let me give you a hint. If you have to choose between paying your rent & feeding your children or investing in 7 Figure Franchise… Pay your rent and feed your children.
If you can afford an investment which may take a month or more to recoup before you start making 100% profit then grab 7 Figure Franchise with both hands.

Did this post help un-mystify 7FF? I hope so… Would I like you to purchase through my link… of course. If you have questions relating to 7 Figure Franchise feel free to ask below in comments. If I can help you with anything 7FF related I will.


Not for You?

Some people hate this kind of business model while others love it… personally I like it a lot and hats off to you Michael for putting it together… Just wish I’d done it myself.

Update: These sales came in as I wrote this post… Thought it might be interesting for readers to see how payments come in on a daily basis

7 Figure Franchise



Is this you?


Yeah I want to join 7 Figure Franchise but what’s the point… I don’t have a list? If that’s you…


This may help… I’m sending 100 clicks into your 7FF Funnel… That’s right, join today (under my link) and I’ll get you started with 100 clicks into your funnel.


What does that mean? If you read the post above you will see that 7FF works like a machine… I.e you add a little traffic and then the machine takes over and follows up daily with everyone you add to the system… this continues for 8 full weeks.


So even adding just a little traffic can turn into a huge windfall without lifting another finger. With this offer I’ll be mailing YOUR affiliate link (Not mine)… I’ll mail it until you get 100 clicks (which you can check and verify inside your JVZoo stats dashboard). Ready?


This offer is applicable to 3 people each month (Until I cancel)… (Make sure you confirm available space first)


U S E  B U T T O N  B E L O W


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