Zero to 6 Figures in 6 months – Part 2

$100k in just months

Welcome to part 2 of Zero to 6 Figures in 6 months

What I am about to show you may not be the best or the most effective method of finding potential niches, But it is the method I use and it’s the method I used in order to go from $0 to over $100k in just months

Finding Potential Niches

The Process;
1. Go to Clickbank marketplace

2. Use categories side bar.
3. Click the small arrow (little white triangle) to the left of the category.
You can choose any category you like. By clicking the small arrow you will open a list of sub niches which is where our search really begins.

4. Choose from the list of sub-niches. Don’t worry too much about where you start, plus there is no need to over think this process.

5. Unless you already have an idea for your first project I would suggest that you just start at the top and work down until you find something.

Why are these 2 products interesting?

To fully understand why these two products look interesting you first need to understand what we are looking for. So what are we looking for? – We are looking for popular products which are really targeted and zone right in on a sub-niche & of course they must also be making sales.

Here’s an example
Let’s take the Skin Whitening product. First of all it belongs to the Beauty niche which is huge and encompasses hundreds of smaller niches. Skin Whitening would fall into one of these smaller niches & in this case the smaller niche would probably be skin care.

But the Skin Care niche is still too big and too diverse. But Skin Whitening is itself a sub-sect of a larger niche, called a sub-niche. Sub-niches are much smaller and far easier to break into, plus it appears that this particular sub-niche is quite profitable, at least from this quick look, based on the Gravity figure, See Fig: 3.


Going back to the two products which I mentioned above:
Even without any further research it’s easy to see that both of these products are selling well, as they rank highly in the overall popularity of this sub-niche. Plus, they both fit a small but potentially profitable sub-niche, just like I explained in the example above.

Fig: 2, ‘Skin whitening’ & Fig: 4 ‘Getting a bigger butt’. Both of these products might be just what we are looking for. I normally search for between 3-5 products which fit the criteria that I just mentioned.

Your Task


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