Affiliate Marketing Trick – Todays 700% ROI

  • What can you buy for $2.66?
  • About 22 clicks and $19.07 Profit (See below)

That works out at over 700% ROI… NIIIIICE

affiliate marketing trick

Believe it or not this is something I did when I first started… I decided to see if it still works as a result of email after email asking me if there was a simple straight to the point way of making money within ours online.

Here’s a close up from stats

Easy affiliate marketing trick

The Answer is – Yes this still works (however you will need a little money to buy the clicks to start with).

Tell me how you did it… I wanna do it too!
I will but not today… the reason, I tried this today for the first time (in a long time) so it really is early days (could have been a fluke).

Affiliate Marketing Trick

What I will say is… what I did took 20 minutes to set up 3 projects
Everything is as basic as basic gets… no bridge pages, websites or anything else that takes work.
Clicks sent straight to links – Job done

I’ll update as I go… Keep checking in

Mark Bishop

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