Where’d they get all that free traffic?

So…Do You Have Enough Traffic?

Most people don’t…

– – In a hurry: This is what they have developed to enable anyone to drive traffic at will – WATCH 

And lack of traffic is the biggest reason most marketers fail to make any money online…
A great offer is great… great ideas and products are great too… but unless you bombard those offers with potential buyers then great is as far as it goes.

No Traffic – No Sales / Profit

But you knew that already right?

So what are your options… where are you going to find the traffic you need in order to make a profit on a daily basis?

Well let’s be honest… there are lots of ways in which you can source and drive traffic, but each source comes with its own barriers and perhaps learning curves… not to mention cost.

So in this post I’ll stick to just one method (which is f.ree)
Yeah, F.ree is nice right… who doesn’t like f.ree traffic?

Watch this demo for an idea of how this works

First things first… do you use social media?

I mean Facebook, Pinterest and that kind of thing… I bet you do. And I bet you’ve seen a stack of very complicated, very techy social media traffic methods right?
Seriously… I hate things which are just too techy, it all makes very little sense to me… and if you’re the same, then I guarantee you will like this.


So #1… which is better
A Static Post or an Image Post… Yep 100% an image post beats a bunch of text all day long.

#2. An Image Post or a Moving Image Post (Gif)… Yeah you guessed it, The Gif gets the vote.

So moving images… normally when you click an image, or a moving image (Gif) the Image just opens up bigger… not any more… LOOK

To summarise… make your own Gif (with a couple of clicks) or use existing then drop those Gifs in social media with your own affiliate link embedded.

And its tech f.ree… nothing complicated here (or I wouldn’t be writing about it).
Social media is where it’s at right now… people are on platforms like Facebook 24 hours a day… this software enables you to exploit that fact with ease.


Watch this demo for an idea of how this works


The big question is… will this software drive traffic?

The simple answer is yes, moving images get noticed, if you have a moving image which has text saying – Click Here then it will get clicks.
Will they all be buyers? No probably not… but some will be, and it’s as easy as posting your image.

I recommend this method… I have to, because as I mentioned, we were actually developing the very same software as these guys and had to shelve ours because they beat us to market… so yep it works.


Take a Look 
Watch this demo for an idea of how this works


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